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The Advanced Wellness Centre and its profressionals are focused on providing the gold standard in patient centred rehabilitation and physical healthcare.  Our methods are not based on a cookie cutter approach to treatment, where all patients get the same therapy or exercise.  Our tailored treatment programs are focused on both your goals and our anticipated outcomes.  Our methods are edivenced based and intended to help you move and feel better, as well as educate and inform you on proper human biomechanics. 

The care we provide is not based on one specific technique or service, but a unique blend of many tools that provide a better range of therapy options, to help most individuals.  Our professionals are trained and excel in a wide variety of techniques and modalities, all of which may be used to provide optimal outcomes during your treatment sessions.  The following is a list therapy options that we can provide for you at the AWC:

    For information about any of these services please feel free to call the AWC at 519.322.4627 or email any questions to

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