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At the Advanced Wellness Centre we pride ourselves on providing the most innovative and evidence based therapies and techniques to all of our patients. Our goal is to provide the most up to date and effective treatment therapy possible, to ensure the best outcome.  Our profressionals, Dr. Joseph Daher and Crystal Abbas, not only continue to learn new techniques, but also train other providers and professionals on these innovative methods, all over North America.  

The Advanced Wellness Centre Method

Our treatments are not based on a single technique or therapy, but a collage of the most recent and up to date strategies available to the rehabiliation and performance community.  Our method is as simple as this:

    1) Identify the reason for your pain or chief complaint
    2) Discover the cause of that pain, in relation to how your body moves 
    3) Recognize the best possible strategy or correct the cause

Not all patients benefit from the same type of therapy, so it is our job to find the best ways to get you feeling better, the fastest way possible.




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