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    The information on this page is for new patients that are not surrently under the care of Dr. Joseph Daher or the other professionals of the Advanced Wellness Team.  The following are new patient forms that are required to be filed out before the initial visit.  Please call you book your initial visit/ assessment and print and complete the correct forms, based on the provider you are seeing.

    For patients of Dr. Joseph Daher or Crystal Abbas, Physical Therapist, it is recommended to wear loose fitting or comfortable clothing during the initial assessment because they will be assessing how you move to determine the cause of your chief complaint. 

For Patient of Dr. Joseph Daher, Chiropractor or Crystal Abbas, Physical Therapist
    During your inital visit, a functional assessment of how you move and how your biomechanics function is performed to help our clinicians better understand why you are feeling your current symptoms. The functional assessment is painless and very simple to perform, but it gives our clinicans a huge amount of information about how you body is moving.  Once the problem is identified, a treatment plan can be put together, tailored specifically to what your body needs.

Initial Visit Health Forms
For patients seeing Dr. Joseph Daher, Chiropractor
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For patients seeing Crystal Abbas, Physical Therapist
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For patients seeing our Massage Therapy Team
Ashely Reimer
Chrissy Stead
Becky Leili

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